Valentí Sanjuan, an extreme sportsman, came to Ecuador to run 240 kilometers. He did this as part of the initiative of 240K Adding Kilometers of Hope, a race led by elite athletes moved by the desire to raise funds for children and adolescents affected by the 7.8 intensity earthquake that hit Ecuador’s Coast.

The athlete toured the zones most battered by the quake, beginning in Manta and ending in Pedernales, the epicenter. Along the way, he had the opportunity to share with the children and other people affected, sleep in shelters and personally witness the disaster’s consequences.

“Seeing it, living it, feeling it – being so close. It is shocking; you don’t expect so much; and it demolishes you when you run down the road and see huge cracks in the earth; you to a bit further, and find a whole family lying on a mattress; and then a little further along and you meet someone who lost his business, his brother, his family, and practically part of his life”, said Valentí during his run.

When he finished the 240 kilometers, the extreme sportsman decided to gather his experience into a documentary, which he called “Earthquake” and presented in Quito on July 3rd.

During the opening, Andrea Apolo, on behalf of UNICEF Ecuador, thanked Valentí SanJuan for his generosity and commitment to the children of Ecuador and to the sportspersons who joined in the initiative, companies that contributed economically, and the team backstopping the 240K.

Valentí SanJuan’s route through Ecuador

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

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