The 12 year old child arrived to the emergency operations center in Pedernales seeking food and water.

The life of 12 year old Micaela was shaken on April 16, when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Pedernales, a locality in the province of Manabi, where Micaela lives with her family.

Fear. That is how Micaela describes the seconds when the earth shook.

With her brothers, she hid under a table and moments after they fled to high ground fearing a tsunami.  From that day she lives in a lent hut.

“We are OK, but we need food and other things”  “I hope they help us, especially the children”, was Micaela´s cry from the Maximino Puertas stadium, a location that served as an emergency operations center.  She arrived there with her family in search of water, food and emotional containment.




Without electricity, the nights were spent in anguish, even more so when the earth shook again. “These tremors are terrible, I lived through the replicas in fear. It seemed that everything was going to collapse”.

However, little by little, fear subsides to hope:  “I want people to feel calm”. Micaela does not want to lose her academic year and dreams about going back to school.

Since the Government declared the state of emergency, UNICEF has sent teams to the most affected zones and has delivered humanitarian aid for children and adolescents affected by the earthquake.

Written by: Diego Brom, UNICEF.

Each story represents the reality of thousands of children in Ecuador.