Hyundai Motor and Neohyundai, with their distributor in Ecuador, have donated $200,000 dollars to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for emergency response, after the Richter 7.8 earthquake that shook the Ecuadorian Coast.

Marcos Malo, President of Neohyundai Ecuador, said that the Company “strives to create a strong bond with society. It is our duty to help children in the communities affected after this disaster, because they are part of the most vulnerable people after an earthquake”.

From UNICEF, Herbert Schembri, UNICEF in Ecuador Emergency Coordinator, declared that this “donation will provide relief and assistance for children and their families in the provinces affected. We will continue working tirelessly to help this region, delivering support for the persons affected after this disaster”.

Korean Ambassador Eun Chul Lee stated that this donation sets a major example of teamwork, because he is “pleased to see the cooperation between companies in Korea and Ecuador in this act of social responsibility, a commitment showing our countries’ responsibility to collaborate economically and commercially”.

The funds donated will be used for temporary schools (ETEPS), a project under UNICEF’s Education Program, focusing on organizing educational care and protection for the boys, girls and adolescents affected; including water and sanitation and prevention of disease transmission by vectors.

The ETEPS schools will also help with the emotional status of children affected by the disaster, as well as providing mechanisms for their psycho-social recovery. These schools will also work to prevent situations of violence and abuse; and guarantee the progressive inclusion of boys, girls and adolescents into schooling.

With this ceremony, UNICEF extends its gratitude to the Hyundai Motor Company and Neohyundai Ecuador for reaffirming their commitment to this country, and for their solidarity with the children and adolescents of Manabí and Esmeraldas affected by the earthquake.