In an emergency situation, health and nutrition within smaller children is an absolute priority.  Up until now, UNICEF, in support of the Ecuadorian Government, has contributed with kits to treat diarrhea, prevent anemia and malnutrition.  

Micronutrients in tablets for 16,720 pregnant and 10,032 mothers in lactancy period.  

250,000 doses of vitamin A and 80,000 powder micronutrients aimed at avoiding malnutrition and health problems.

350,000 Zinc tablets for children under the age of 5.

Establish “Friendly Mother and baby spaces” that ensure appropriate nutrition and protection and early Development activities for children between 0 and 5 years old.  Ensure attention and prevention of Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya – particularly in pregnant women.  

Kits for treatment of 4,800 cases of diarrhea.

55,000 doses of oral hydration salts.