From UNICEF, a few hours after the earthquake, emergency experts arrived to the affected areas to support the national Government´s actions, perform an evaluation of the impact and offer psychosocial support to children and their families.  

In 42 seconds, Pedernales broke.  This location in the city of Manabi was the epicenter of the 7,8   grade earthquake that shook the Ecuadorian coast on April 16.  

The earthquake, that has been the strongest one since 1979 in Ecuador and the worst disaster in Latin America and the Caribbean, after the earthquake of Haiti in 2010, caused the death of 660 people, left 4,605 wounded and 33,366 victims in temporary shelters.  The earthquake destroyed water systems and left 33 health centers damaged, out of which, 16 were deemed inoperative; in addition, 560 schools suffered damages and about 7,000 buildings were destroyed.  The country did, however, quickly mobilized to respond to the emergency.  

Public officials of all the country traveled to the affected zone in a matter of hours, the private sector quickly helped with supplies and Donations and hundreds of people were mobilized with one objective in mind:  provide help to their brothers in the coast.     

From UNICEF more than one hundred tons of humanitarian aid arrived to the country, including tents, mosquito nets, blankets, water purifying tabs, containers, among many more supplies, all with the aim of assisting children.  All this has been possible thanks to Donations of thousands of donations from Ecuador and the world.